Hopkinton Historical Society
Getting involved in the Hopkinton Historical Society is easy!  Generally speaking, we have three types of activities: (1) community education and outreach programs; (2) museum and archive preservation activities; and (3) fundraising activities.  To accomplish these goals, we have a number of standing committees and volunteer groups, listed below:
Hospitality Committee:  This is the group of volunteers that organizes the "creature comfort" aspects of meetings, makes off-site arrangements, helps with coffee and snacks, and makes sure that everyone feels comfortable and welcome.
Membership Committee:  This is the group of volunteers that send out renewal annoucements, bring membership applications to meetings, and make earnest efforts to attract new members wherever they go. 
Program/Publicity Committee:  This is the group of volunteers that find speakers, performers, authors, and facilitators to provide education, entertainment, and fun at regular meetings of the Historical Society and provide local publicity to boost attendance.
Building Committee:  This is the group of volunteers that make sure that the building and grounds are maintained and that periodic repairs and rennovations are made to the building.  This group also makes arrangements for the building to be used for other (non-Historical Society) purposes, when appropriate.
Museum Committee:  This is the group of volunteers that work closely with the Curator to index records, preserve documents, conduct information searches, and arrange the museum for public viewing.
Fundraising Committee:  This is the group of volunteers that plan and organize fundraising events on behalf of the Historical Society.  Annual events typically include the Harvest Supper and Silent Auction (in November), the Yard Sale (in June), a sponsored runner in the the Boston Marathon (In April), and the Poly Arts festival on the Town Common (in September).  
If you have any special skills or talents, or if you'd like to get to know your Hopkinton neighbors while working toward a great cause, please send us a quick email and let us know.  We'd be happy to introduce you to other members with similar interests.