Hopkinton Historical Society

Our organization

The Hopkinton Historical Society is a non-profit organization that was established in 1951 to celebrate the history of the Town of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, protect the Town's historical artifacts, explain early New England life, and educate the public about the rich history of this small and ever-changing town.  We sponsor several educational, social, and fundraising events throughout the year, and the Society maintains an active archive of documents that are critical to preserving the Town's history for future generations. 

Whether you are a current resident of Hopkinton, a descendant from past generations, or simply an interested history buff, we invite you to become a member of the Hopkinton Historical Society, tour our historical archives and museum, make geneaological inquiries, and share stories and information about Hopkinton past.  For information about joining the Society, click on the "membership" web page.


Operating Year: May 2024 - April 2025

Board of Directors
President: John Palmer
Vice President: Anne F. Mattina
Curator: Linda Connelly
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Vacant
Board Member - 1: Len and Lilly Holden
Board Member - 2: Shawn Ayube
Board Member - 3: Nanette Kenrick
Board Member - 4: Linda Connelly
Board Member - 5: Suzy Palmer
Board Member - 6: Aubrey and Julie Doyle